How Did it All Start? 

Everett & Jones Barbeque was started by Dorothy Everett with her eight daughters, one son and one son-in-law (Jones) in Oakland, California in 1973.  

Dorothy, her husband Cleveland & the first 3 of their 9 children, migrated to California from Alabama in 1952 seeking new opportunities.  A number of years later, Dorothy & Cleveland separated.   This left Dorothy alone & with her hands full to raise 9 children.  Our grandmother was one strong, smart resourceful lady with an unbreakable spirit.  Dorothy worked many jobs including one that shaped her future destiny.  That job being an attendant for the smoke pit at Flint's Barbecue.  This allowed her to learn the industry from the inside out.   This also gave her the idea to start her own business which she did with a heavy reliance upon the good Lord, $700 she borrowed  from her good friend Cora, "the Angel" and a line of credit from her suppliers.  Over the years, the reputation of Everett & Jones grew & the business prospered. 

Sadly, Dorothy passed on and the business is now being run by Dorothy's children and grandchildren.  Previously, the Everett & Jones Brand was only available in California but now it is making its way to the East Coast.  East Coast customers can take home the original Super Q Sauce and enjoy the sweet & smokey flavor that has made Everett Jones famous in the bay area.  Be sure to order sauce for your next barbecue or party!

Slideshow Image - Dorothy Turner Everett, Founder
Slideshow Image - Smokey Diva Lorraine Slideshow Image - Smokey Diva Dawn & Husband, Tangin
Slideshow Image - Smokey Diva Olivia (Lorraine's Daughter) Slideshow Image - Smokey Dude Chace (Dawn & Tangin's Son) Slideshow Image - Dawn, Tangin & Olivia Slideshow Image - Smokey Divas Lorraine & Olivia Slideshow Image - Smokey Super Dude Chace Slideshow Image - Smokey Diva Lorraine Slideshow Image - Smokey Diva Dawn & Chace Slideshow Image - The Whole Everett Gang minus a few cousins Slideshow Image - A Collage of Grandma Dorothy Slideshow Image - Smokey Diva Olivia